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Yoga brings the body to life, fully!

My name is Sandra Gileviciute and please, allow me to tell you a little more about myself and yoga.

​I enjoy sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and a mindful yoga practice. How great it feels to stretch, get balanced, grounded and connected to the breath and the present moment. To stretch the limits and grow with practice. To be a Yogi of life and to live within the Yogic principles that lead to the state of joy and peace - Samadhi.

It is great joy to live each day fully and in complete freedom from beliefs and limitations. In the moment of breath, of an inhalation and an exhalation.

To slow down the time and to observe all that there is, all that has been created, to observe our thoughts about all of that, and to dissolve, into nothingness, fore there's nothing more, than a glimpse of our imagination.

So dream big, live and expand fully.

Create with your whole heart and leave no space for regret or fear.

For life is only what You make of it, for what You believe, that, it is.

Focus on what serves you and more of what will create joy and happiness on this journey of life here on Earth.

Beyond Earth, well, those answers can only be found deep within.

We must each take that journey, within.

Sit down with ourselves and take a time out. Allow time to stand still.

We live for the experiences and our journey is always continuing. There is no destination, just more expansion. Infinite expansion of the soul, lifetime after lifetime, infinite amount of lifetimes. 

Allow yourself to sit and be still.

Know that you are here for a great purpose, one like no other.

Get to know your true self, connect and receive, release and allow.

With each inhalation bringing in more of that life source, allowing wisdom to flow.

With each exhalation, releasing.

Balancing the body, and balancing the brain will create a balanced life.

As a deeper connection with our inner nature is established, relaxation, flexibility and strength will develop.

Yoga is for everyone, just as breathing.

Take the first step, and the next step will appear. For Yoga is a journey of many steps that will lead to many beautiful and magnificent, mind blowing, places.

So allow Your mind to be blown....

Open up your limitations and experience fully, all, that life has to offer.

Expect the unexpected and believe, that everything is always working out for you. You are the only one who is in control of yourself, so love and nourish self first, then share this with others.

Yoga is a very beautiful, self-empowering practice that will bring life to you and expand your consciousness.

I enjoy learning from Yoga and am a student for life. Thank You for sharing Your time and practice space, with me.

It is an absolute honor, to live and be, at your service, my dear fellow Yogini.

For this life is just an extension of who we truly are; and where we'll end up, well that's just an exhilarating journey that I am surely looking forward to along with you!

See You at the Practice and we'll chat after!


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